Striking accessories - 2022

Février 2022

No outdoor area is complete without a striking accessory. A soft candle light to set a mood once the sun sets, a heavy duty outdoor rug or some poufs that match your furniture cushions perfectly. Choose any size, material or fabric that suits your style and let our range of decoration items add the finishing touch you envisioned to your garden and terrace.

Arcq - sweet harmony

The beautiful, handwoven wicker creates a playful pattern between light and shadow. They allow light to filter through and cast a warm, natural glow around them. The module with solar panel on top ensures that the light switches on when evening falls. Arcq lanterns undoubtedly bring cosiness outdoors.

Create your own green space

A lined, elegant pattern characterises these handcrafted planters. Add modern lines to your outdoor space with our vertical curved vessels or low and contemporary pieces to elevate your garden or terrace and blend in beautifully with its environments by its natural colour. Nevertheless these planters will always act as an eye-catcher in any outdoor area. All sets are lightweight and easy to place before filling.

Wilson - Belgian craftsmanship

An ultra thin rug that perfectly complements any outdoor space. Wilson rugs are made in Belgium and combine two different yarns with a woven structure. The premium rug is manufactured from 40% wool, 40% HSPP frise and 20% polyester.


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