Noa - an oasis of tranquility

Creating a calming, seren environment is the aim of this collection and inspired us also on the collectionname.

Noa - Noach which means rest and peace.

Designed by Enrique Martí Associates.

Designed by Enrique Marti

Enrique, the founder of Enrique Marti Studio, is an Industrial Design Engineer and holds a Master's in Design and Product Development from Cardenal Herrera, CEU University, Spain.

When he left Andreu World SA in 2006 after nine years with the Spanish company, he was managing the Design and Technical department as Product Manager. Enrique has extensive experience in the furniture business as well as in-depth knowledge of market needs.

hand woven rope

Resistant to great variations in temperature.

Hand woven

UV resistant. The rope does not discolour under the influence of the sun.