Onderhoudskit steen

Om de duurzaamheid en het uiterlijk te verbeteren, raden we aan om regelmatig onze onderhouds- instructies regelmatig op te volgen.

To enhance the durability and appearance, we recommend following our care instructions regularly. We always suggest storing your furniture in a dry place when not in use or using a protective cover to avoid any blurring or damage.

Inhoud kit:

· 1 ruwe spons
· 1 doek
· 1 steen beschermer 750 ml
· 1 steen reiniger 750 ml

Aluminium & wicker

Clean with a damp cloth, mild soap and water.
Do not use any sharp tool to avoid scratches.


Treat with a teak protector to maintain its natural colour or a teak cleaner to make it impenetrable for liquids and dirt.

Corrector pen

Your outdoor furniture is bound to experience some wear and tear, where scratches or small marks can become visible over time. With little effort you can cover up these blemishes by our corrector pen. This tool is available in all our aluminium finishes.

Cleaning set for bases from natural stone and concrete

Natural stone cleaner
Removes dirt and moisture and restores a new look of your base.

Natural stone protector
Makes bases repellent to dirt, water and moisture.