Introducing Yara collection - a luxurious blend of style and practicality Crafted from a solution-dyed PVC-coated polyester, YARA boasts unparalleled durability and a remarkable UV resistance, ensuring that its radiant colors and patterns withstand the test of time and exposure to sunlight. The non-absorbent nature of its yarn guarantees easy cleanability, making spills and stains a thing of the past. Thanks to its innovative composition, Yara undergoes a super-fast drying process, ensuring that your space remains pristine and inviting at all times.


- ø 300 cm

- 250 x 350 cm

- 300 x 400 cm


Technical data


ø 300 cm, 118"

250 x 350 cm, 98 x 138"

300 x 400 cm, 118 x 157"


PVC coated polyester

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