Made for outdoor living.

Our aim is to create a place to unwind, where you feel the sun and can relax. There are unlimited possibilities, a collection for every style through a wide range of models, colours and finishes.


Natural and relaxed features, incorporated into sublime quality materials with a sophisticated appearance. Scoop collection provides elegant grace and develops a neutral touch to emerge with the environment. Its colour and craftsmanship are made for an exceptional view on your garden.


We aim this collection to be a source of peace of mind that moves you to sunnier climes. Constructed from aged teak, a unity of materials ensures a visual serenity.


This year, we release a tasteful update for this collection, featuring harmonised dining settings with sleek flowing lines. We pay tribute to true craftsmanship that merges perfectly with nature's colours and materials.


Tugu unveils a new classic that seamlessly blends its design with its surroundings. Unique outdoor furniture pieces with soft contours that balance modern and contemporary design, a classic yet inviting look.


Nature collection comprises a complete dining setting as a statement to your garden. The simplicity of its design is underscored by the beauty of premium raw teak.


This year we welcome the Kudos collection at Bistro. Punctuated by its versatile use and converted from a practical insight, Kudos collection suits a variety of terrace schemes.


Mauroo comes with unlimited possibilities, adapted to your choice and preference. Its modular design and versatile use are translated into a unique concept that fits every patio.


Flexx leaves a lasting impression through its timeless class and premium teak. A collection in which teak plays the leading role by an alternation of clean, elegant and curved lines.


Take a step beyond your expectation with our Sogni collection. Get immersed by the hand knotted rope, outdoor cushions for maximum comfort and table tops made of teak with a rough finish.


First impressions always count. Volte shows soft lines and elegant curves for a sleek look in a contemporary design. Its timeless look and feel transforms your outdoor area into a unique place.


Slide into your private getaway with the Byblos beach chair and enjoy every sunshine of the day. With four positions and a double upholstered seat, we ensure you hours of maximum comfort.


Add a natural style to your in- or outdoors with our traditional Duncan teak block. It is manufactured from natural untreated, solid teak and can be used in a versatile way as a side table or an additional seat.