Legna is here to leave a statement and a sense of wonder around the globe. Each piece in the collection is dedicated to adding an intimate and personal touch to your garden or patio. It includes a complete lounge set with a 1 seat, 2.5 and a 3 seater with matching coffee tables. Get inspired and discover Legna through the video below.

Cocooning outside

With Legna, it becomes possible to bring our comfort from the inside to the outside. Due to the neutral colours of all the materials and its design, the sofas fit both rustic as well as modern environments. It is the most cozy collection to nestle in one of the sofas at any time of the day with a drink and a good book. Invite some friends or family to enjoy endless summer evenings on the terrace.

hand woven rope

Each lounge chair and sofa is surrounded by hand woven rope with a thickness of 10 mm. The rope consists of a subtle combination of a white and gray colour that blends beautifully with the fabric of the outdoor cushions. The open and transparent structure gives each sofa an elegant look.

Provides comfortable back support.

Sunbrella® 100% solution dyed acrylic.

UV resistant. The rope does not discolour under the influence of the sun.

Hand woven.

brushed teak

Legna has a unique teak frame that shows off the beauty of brushed teak. On top of this comes a coating for its darker finish. The collection makes design seem effortless, provides the best comfort, and brings craftsmanship to its full potential.

A sturdy, yet light and elegant frame with a rough and scratched texture.

Easy to maintain. Allow teak to age by the sun or use a protector to refresh and maintain the dark colour.

Good resistance to the action of UV radiation, chlorine and seawater.

Easy to clean. Use a soft cloth or brush, warm water and a mild detergent if needed. Use an occasional teak protector to make the surface water and dirt resistant.