Flexx - timeless class

Flexx leaves a lasting impression through its timeless class and quality teak. A collection in which teak plays the leading role by an alternation of clean, elegant and curved lines. They portray the inviting look of natural teak and signature design of Flexx.

signature design

The pieces portay an inviting look of natural teak and signature design of Flexx. The organic hapes provide a warm atmosphere in your garden or terrace. A perfect setting to have relaxing moments with family or guests and enjoy your day to the fullest.

anthracite strap

Each piece is crafted with the greatest care using handwoven anthracite straps. The strap feels soft and is suitable to be left outside during all seasons of the year. We love this multifunctional collection for its both in- and outdoor use.

premium teak

Flexx is handcrafted from superior quality teak hardwood that is harvested from ecological and tropical plantations.

The material shows great stability under the effect by various weather conditions. Ages gracefully and turns its colour into a magnificent light silver. The course and speed of this process varies according to the environmental conditions and maintenance.

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