Scoop - makes everyday extraordinary

Natural and relaxed features, incorporated into sublime quality materials with a sophisticated appearance. Scoop collection provides elegant grace and develops a neutral touch to emerge with the environment.

Get inspired and dream away in a southern atmosphere by the video below.

Designed by Enrique Martí Associates.

An elegant fit in modern exteriors

For each piece in this brand new collection, a great deal of importance has been given to the smallest details and finishing touches to allow an extraordinary pleasant relaxation outdoors. Embraced by the wooden armrests and handwoven rope, the sleek lines of this collection fit perfectly in modern exteriors.

handwoven rope & outdoor cushions

Each lounge chair and sofa is surrounded by hand woven rope with a thickness of 4 mm. The light aluminium frame beautyfully merge together with the handwoven cord and solid wooden armrests. Together with large cushions, you enjoy the ultimate comfort outdoors. All cushions are filled with an all weather foam. An advanced, high performance foam, specially developed for outdoor applications.

Providing comfortable back support.

UV resistant. The material does not discolour under the effect of the UV rays.

An open weave, woven by hand.

Weather proof and stain repellent.


The wooden armrests offer elegant grace to each Scoop sofa. These armrests are manufactured from superior quality teak and have a great stability under the effect of various weather conditions.


We are over the moon by this new ceramic colour to our collection. The ceramic table top is characterised by its intense taupe and grey colour with a subtle pattern. This stone enhances the most exclusive experience and requires low maintenance.

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